• Liam SmallWorldds

    If you’ve been looking for new ways to express yourself, you’ll love today’s new potions and fragrance!

    If you’re a VIP Club Member, check out the awesome Play Matrix Fragrance! Wearing it will give you +25 Health and +15 Arcane Resistance, and you’ll need to be Primary XP Level 20. If you’re a fan of the Matrix, make sure you try it on with the new Apex Long Wool Jacket for a fantastic look!

    The Lovely Butterflies Potion and the Lovely Hearts Potion are both gorgeous magic spells you can cast on yourself or your friends. Cast the Lovely Butterflies Potion, and butterflies will fly over your friend’s head. Or cast the Lovely Hearts Potion and they’ll get a flying heart over their head. They’re both fun and beautiful, and I’m definitely going…

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