Owned by SmallWorlds Team
Space Description A shop that sells clothes
Events? None
Space type Shop
VIP only? No

SmallWear is a popular store in SmallWorlds. SmallWear is a shop where you can buy a variety of clothing such as dresses, purses, backpacks, and etc. In the store there will be several collections of clothing like Moda, Coastal, Play, Apex, and etc. The Moda Collection is usually celebrity wear. The Coastal Collection sells beach clothing. The Apex Collection sells winter clothing.

The shop has had a few changes made since its inclusion, with new display furniture and clothes. As of the 2015 update, it has had a merger with Madison's, formerly Street Level , to include the clothes that were sold there.

Clothes sold at SmallWear

See the SmallWorlds clothing list for the clothes sold at SmallWear.