Sculpting Blocks are a way to show off artistic skills, gain Artist XP, sell to make money or more. They were introduced by SmallWorlds as an alternative to the Graffiti Board.

There are 9 different sizes to choose from, and they can all be found in the Entertainment > Art section of the Shop Catalog with prices in both gold and tokens.

Users can use the Autosculpt Machine to copy their creations, and display them on one of three pedestals.

Blocks and prices

Size Tokens Gold
Small Sculpture 1 Token 200 Gold 20
Small Sculpture 4 Token 400 Gold 40
Small Sculpture 8 Token 600 Gold 60
Medium Sculpture 1 Token 1000 Gold 100
Medium Sculpture 3 Token 1500 Gold 150
Medium Sculpture 5 Token 2000 Gold 200
Large Sculpture 1 Token 3000 Gold 300
Large Sculpture 3 Token 4000 Gold 400
Large Sculpture 5 Token 4000 Gold 400