Mr. Puzzleworth is an official character of SmallWorlds.

He was introduced in late-2012 or 2013 in the first of a saga of three missions based around him (The Puzzleworth Mystery).


Mr. Puzzleworth has no known first name, and asks to be addressed as Mr. Puzzleworth. If the player doesn't address him as that, he goes into a fit of anger.

He lives in Puzzleworth's Manor, where the first mission is set. It is implied that he used to live in his childhood home at a young age. Where and how he obtained his manor, nobody knows.

Puzzleworth is estranged from his parents, as shown throughout the saga.

Other information

  • SmallWorlds release a monthly box with wearables relating to Mr. Puzzleworth and the saga.
  • A rare pop art wall hanging of Mr. Puzzleworth was released.