Character Sheet Detail

Detail of the "My Profile" character sheet showing levels and experience points

Levels form a large part of SmallWorlds. The 7 levels are Social, Artist, Explorer, Gamer, Arena, Farming and Crafting.

Arena and Farming were only brought out on March 23, 2010. The main way of getting up the player's levels is through missions. Also many objects (including Tvs, Guestbooks, Stereos, Graffiti Boards and Arcade Machines) will aid the player with getting up levels. As the player progresses up the levels, he will be able to purchase wearables which include wings, Jet packs, Costume Heads and Capes. There are also Citizen Levels, which the player can get up by purchasing VIP, or inviting friends to play. The higher the player's Citizen level, the more tokens and XP he will earn from doing missions, and he can buy better skateboards, skates, weapons, and magic carpets. And you can unlock other things... Like elements, and more.

Overall levels were brought out during the April 2013 update, which takes the form of a Star. The 7 XP paths all come under this one to get your level. They also come with little titles, and few are below.

  • Levels 1 - 4 -Newbie
  • Levels 5 - 9 -Greenhorn
  • Levels 10 - 20 -Fledgling
  • Level 21 - 25
  • Levels 30 - 40 -Novice
  • Level 60 - Recruit
  • Level 85 - Initiate
  • Level 150 - Experienced