Kudos for March 2015

"Kudos" (formerly the "Loyalty Challenge") is a reward scheme that players can complete for playing the game. Bonus XP and special monthly prizes can be won over four weeks. Three Kudos prizes of the same set can be combobulated at the Kudos Rewards Space or made with a Kudos Crafting Widget to make one ultra rare Kudos prize.

Players have to earn 18 Kudos Points per week starting Monday SWT.

Kudos Prizes

  • Week One: 1000 Explorer
  • Week Two: 1000 Gamer
  • Week Three: 1000 Social
  • Week Four: Special prize

How to earn Kudos points

Players can:

VIP members earn double the Kudos points per activity

Kudos vs Loyalty

  • The old Loyalty challenge used to give gold along with it - Kudos does not
  • Kudos can be done any time during the week - Loyalty had to be consecutive days
  • VIPs get twice as much points with Kudos - Loyalty was equal pace for everybody