Items in SmallWorlds are things that either exist in your inventory or in a room. Typically items fall into one of two categories: Furniture and interactive widgets. Items can be bought only from one of a few stores in-game.

Using Items

To use an item that exists in-world (not in inventory), just click on it. A pop-up menu should appear with choices.

Getting items

Items can be purchased in-game. (See shopping)

Giving items away

See gift

Deleting items

Although items cannot technically be deleted, they can be refunded if they are in your inventory.

Types of Items


Furniture are the items in a room who's primary purpose is to add style to the room. They can be broken into two sub-categories:

  • Interactive furniture (e.g. chairs, hot-tubs)
  • Static furniture (e.g. plants, pillars)

When clicked, static furniture only gives the three default options: Security, Move item, Remove item. Interactive furniture, however, allows avatars to do something - usually Sit/Stand.

Interactive Widgets

  • Games
  • Display items (e.g. TVs, picture frames, posters)
  • Music items (e.g. DJ booths and radios)
  • Guestbooks