Double Dating

Double Dating lets you...well, double date. You bring three people to one spot, and then, the date begins. You can either all do the same thing, or one couple can do one thing, and the other do another.

Problems With The People

Double dating is though, quite complicated. Your and your boyfriend/girlfriend may drive one way to get to the pool. The other couple may take a different way. You and your boyfriend/girlfriend may live in a mansion. The others may live in a cabin. But remember: compromising is key to having a great double date.

An Uninvited Guest; A Special One

But what if you're bringing a special family member? First of all, call the host/hostess of the date, and tell him/her about that family member arriving at the date. Did he/she plan on a date at Sam's Mansion? Or maybe the ice cream shop? After finding out the plans, tell your family member, and then, you may have family funds all sorted out.

Family Frets

And if a guest brings part of his/her family? Don't fret. Remember your good manners, and avoid bad battles. This is a double date, so don't mess it up. And maybe you and a guest are related. So don't have a panic attack if you see him/her.

Host Hassles

You could be the host/hostess of your double date. Make your plans, and take good advice from family and friends. A double date is a double date, and keep everything under control. If things go out of hand? It's actually okay to panic. After getting your freaks out, calm down, and either end the date, or host it somewhere else.

Saying Goodbye

Saying good-bye to your double-dater is hard, but worth it. If the date was held at you house, before going to bed, clean up any messes. If the date was unsupervised, have everyone clean up together.