Big Al's Diner

Big Al's Diner used to be a very popular public space. It was enjoyed by many, especially the people who pretend they have a family and are going out for a meal, so it was basically the SmallWorlds version of the food chain "McDonalds", but with the look of a 1950s diner.

The space reopened for only a week in July 2013, during Appreciation Month, where the staff thanked their players for being there with them; and as a treat, reopened some old spaces, and this was one of them. Big Al's Diner is now found in Old Town.

You could buy food and drink in Big Al's Diner as you could in many other shops, but this space was by far the most popular.

Removal in 2015

As of October 2015, the space's furniture have been taken out and what's to become of it is yet unknown to the players. All that remains in a Hi-fi system, several doors, and a diner bar.

Recreation of Big Al's Diner

In February of 2016, SmallWorlds citizen and space creator Wil Carter created a look-a-like Big Al's Diner, of which is now open to the public. The recreation uses the same food, layout, and images. The layout is very similar, but cannot be exact due to SmallWorld's limited space choices. The recreation can be found here.